Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remembering Martial Law

Last Sunday was the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in this country 36 years ago. I didn’t even know it then until I watched the news of several groups remembering one of the darkest hours of our nation.

I watching surfing the television shows last night and chanced upon the documentary IMELDA last night on TV5. The documentary shows Imelda thoughts and opinions of her past and the opinions of several witnesses to her time. It shows what Imelda thinks of her actions and the reality that happens during that time. How sad is it to live at that time when our leaders were more concerned on the aesthetic appearance of our country over the alleviation of plight of its people.

One of the business associates of the Marcoses that time even remarked that it was one of the most wonderful times in the country because people are disciplined and does what they are told to. How inconsiderate is it for someone to say something like that? The people are doing what they are told to do is not a mark of democracy. The people were afraid of being imprisoned or killed, for that matter when you can only do what your leader thinks is correct. Stifling basic freedom like freedom of expression and the freedom to know, not the things that the government wants us to believe, is one of the cruellest things that can be done to an entire nation.

I can’t believe that Imelda could say that she is both a star and a slave and that the people are happy if happy if they see her extravagance. She thinks that she is some sort of delusional drug for the people must take for them to be happy. I can’t help but feel awful after her statements and her assumption that one of the worst times of our country was its best because of her, is something I cannot accept. One cannot say that they created something if it is not theirs. Invoking the word of God and that they were the savior of this third world country is one of the most blatant lies ever told.

In those times when all types media are stifled, could they ever stifle the people’s voice today with all sorts of free media such a blogging. Makes me think, in those times, how much the government would be willing to do to suppress our freedom.



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