Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Got Back

I've been out for five days to Subic and Manila this past week. Just arrived this evening. Spent most of the day traveling and it was tiresome. I'm still feeling woozy from all the traveling just to get back home and my body still aches. Ir would be nice to have a massage and a cold back right now but i'm still feel hot from todays journey. Andnow I can sleep in my bed and feel the comfort of home and my belongings. Hotels and Inns are not suitable for me because I can't sleep well in it. I like to be with the familiar things and people to be comfortable. It's nice to be back home. Got to give some "pasalubong" tomorrow to several people and another for someone special. I hope she likes it even though she doesn't really know that I like her. (sigh)

1 Comment:

shengy said...

oist..pasalubong nko lan? ehheehhe


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