Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Return of the Comeback

I'm back where I began. Next week, I will be starting my new job. It will be going back to something I have don before. But I hope there are changes to it. The previous job was quite boring and predictable. Sometimes when we do something repetitive, we tend not to pay too much attention to it because we were used to it. It makes us complacent, unenergized and less motivated to do our job.

I will return to work on something that I presume I was good at because I was offered to return after almost three years. The work was challenging but the outputs are less to be desired. It is not in my nature to compromise on what the best course of action would be, but in this case I have to because I think that some of the individuals involved are not keen on the results but what can they get out of it. Sometimes, some individuals would just present to you something they have seen somewhere and immediately want it implemented without knowing if it is applicable or not.

I hope i will develop humility and increase my patience and also learn more from this new endeavor that I will be undertaking. I have pointed out the negative I've previously experienced but I hope that I will find positive change to something I have left long time ago.



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