Sunday, November 23, 2008

It Was a Dark & Cold Night...

If I had to make an introduction to describe tonight, that would be it. It has been constantly raining since this afternoon and until this very moment. Since I was a child, I find cold night depressing especially when you're alone. It is also oftentimes projected in movies, rain usually comes after a sad announcement like death or break-up. It's usually better better for me to spend cold nights with your loved ones. Cold & rainy nights like this usually keeps members of the family at home. Rain acts like a deterrence to some people because they can't enjoy the night life that much if it's cold outside.

However, I love the rain when it comes while the sun is shining. Since I was a kid, we called that phenomenon as "the feast of the heavens". A simple yet magical description of such an event. It doesn't happen that much and maybe it's a blessing when it happens



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