Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today's My Day

I just went along like any normal day of my life. No fuzz, no buzz. I prefer to be with a few close friends and family rather than a bunch of individuals who just know my name. Since those friends are not here and I'm missing them. We'll just meet soon when I visit them.

What made this day unique was that someone treated me to a snack. It was here promise to do so one of these days. However, it was not the setting that I would have preferred. There was somebody else in the scene. I hoped that it was just between her and me but this wasn't the case. It felt like it was just done to get over the the thing she promised. Well, we can always get what we want and may never will. (sigh)

1 Comment:

shengy said...

hi dylan..nag ym bya tah kgahapon..then la ko ka greet.hahahah..anyway..happy birthday...


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