Monday, December 15, 2008

Sale! Sale! Everywhere

I have been to the malls recently and its crowded. Went there to buy some stuff but turned around because of the long spiraling line that have been forming around the cashier. Whether, the items are for sold more or less, I never really liked waiting for a very long line. i would rather buy it at its normal price than endure the long lines just save a few pesos. I get tired easily from waiting for something that ain't worth that much.

When I go to the mall, I will only enter the stores that have less people in them. These stores are also selling at a discounted price but they are not famous enough to merit long lines form people. I have experienced before that the best time to buy is the day after Christmas and New Year. People are usually tired from all the celebration so the malls are not that crowded and best of all. Most of the items are still sold at a discounted price.

For those people who love to shop this time, enjoy the moment. It's just not for me.

1 Comment:

karmi said...

Hi! Thanks for the tip. I've never shopped right after Christmas day or New Year...I'll try that. Good day to you!


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