Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's Up with All the Meeting?

I have this problem with meetings, I don't like attending them. Meetings usually take quite an amount of time with few real results. This is compounded with the fact that most meetings end up with the possibility of having another meeting to discuss the output of your meeting. The only tangible evidence of a meeting is the minutes of the meeting that will be submitted to take note of the meeting.

I am more amenable to a brainstorming session because it gives you the right to throw in ideas that will help move forward the problem at hand. Usually in meetings, people just sit around and wait for the directive of the organizer of the meeting. A few people might question or add something to the agenda at hand but a few solutions or answers are formulated because usually a meeting is called to make everyone clear of what they should do. I would prefer that this should be written down.

I would rather have that they present the problem and let everyone involved create solutions individually then present them during a brainstorming session. In this way many ideas will be exchanged and the best possible solution will be made.



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