Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the Path of a Typhoon

It's raining constantly since this afternoon and even now while I'm writing this. Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds. Our town is near a typhoon and it's scary. As a result, the electricity isn't steady. It's been going on and off this evening. Also, the water supply is out. Such an irony, their is so much water outside but no water inside our house.

What is fear is the possible overflowing of the river near our home. Currently its now near the level of the road and as what we have experienced over a month ago, it could overflow and cause much damage in our community. We were just fortune to be located in a slightly elevated area in our subdivision by some of our neighbors were flooded during the last typhoon.

I just hope that this typhoon wouldn't cause much damage to property because most of the affected families i flood-prone areas are poor.



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