Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back from the Expedition

I just arrived late this afternoon. We went for an expedition in some far flung areas in our city to discover new sites and destination that would be made into future destination for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

First, we climbed a mountain to reach the observation point for the Philippine Eagle. It took me about one and a half hour to get there. I almost quit because my legs can't take any more punishment from the uphill climb. Basically, I was not fit enough to climb that mountain but I was glad to reach the top. It was a case off mind over matter for me.

The view from the top was breathtaking even though we haven't caught a glimpse of the eagle. The trees that we view from the observation point were amazing. Tall trees that is not commonly seen by a urban dweller like me. Maybe some of those trees are over a hundred years old.

The next day, we explored an island and again climb to the top of it. My feet still tired from the climb a day before and my thigh beginning to ache, I climb with all the strength left in my feet. Even though it was just a small hill to climb, it was quite steep and has has no clear trail to follow. We had to climb a through slippery rocks, loose gravel and itchy grasses just to reach the top. I slipped a couple of times and was really afraid that I might fall to the rocks below. So, I did some unconventional way of climbing, I crawled through the rocks just to prevent myself from slipping.

The view from above was breathtaking although very dangerous because it was a cliff that went straight down to the sea. It looks like half of the island collapsed. When we down, I was told that they encountered a snake on top which made me more frightened. I was just glad that they didn't tell me that when I was headed to the top because it will just add to the fright I was feeling.

The trip was a wonderful adventure, especially for me who is not what you call a nature lover or an adventurer. It was wonderful to see nature for what it is and not as man wanted it to be.

I await the next adventure.



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