Sunday, May 31, 2009

Watching the Cartoons I Missed As a Kid

When I was still a child, we didn't have television because my parents wants us to concentrate on our studies and when they finally bought a television, they didn't buy an antenna. So basically, we only turned on our television during Saturdays if ever there is a VHS movie available which was very rare because we were one of the few individuals who bought a VHS player when everybody else was still in Betamax format.

As a kid, I would run to my neighbors house just to watch television shows from one channel especially the cartoons but oftentimes I would miss them because I was tasked to watch over our little "sari-sari" store. I missed watching He-Man, She-Ra, G.I. Joe, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes and other cartoons during my childhood.

Nowadays, I like to find those cartoons that I grew up with and watch them again. It brings back memories of carefree childhood where cartoons have simple stories that could readily be understood. The prevalent cartoons today especially the anime are not good for kids growing up because they deal with such complex and oftentimes mature subject not suitable for a child's development.

Don't get me wrong, I love anime and I collect some of them especially the complex and philosophically-themed animation like Ghost in the Shell. Most of the cartoons today have their own toyline that is focused on what used to be simple toys like the yo-yo, marbles and "top".

Recently, I just found copies of the G.I. Joe series and my brother bought the complete original Tom and Jerry episodes (the one where both Tom & Jerry don't talk). I have seen the He-Man series but it was not the one I was looking for, it was the updated version. Hope to find copies of the original He-Man and She-Ra series.



"Here I come to save the day... Mighty Mouse!!"

very nostalgic... :)

Sarap balikan..

Time spacewarp, ngayon din!! :)

Elay said...

sometimes happiness can be obtained by simply being a child. It's the superficial toys that at times paint a smile on our faces. God Bless


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