Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enjoying Some Comedy

For about a week now, I've not been feeling well. Maybe it's a flu that is yet to come out fully. To pass on the time, for most of the day I have been listening or watching comedy series, films and stand-up comedy.

I've been listening the following stand-up comedy:

I've enjoyed listening to these stand-up comedies even if I've heard them already for a couple of times. If you could find a copy of these, try listening to them. A warning though, most of them include foul language except for Bill Cosby. Mr. Cosby's comedy is basically clean without the use of any offensive language.

Also, try The Aristocrats, if you can take it. It's about 100 comedians telling one dirty joke. This is not for everybody.

Laugh Out Loud.


manik_reigun said...

great! im a fan of standup comedies too. thats why i enjoy watching mad tv guys, and snl alumni such as will ferrell. you can also try watching dane cook. he's crazy! XD

keb said...

Robin Williams is really awesome, btw, nice post!! =)


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