Monday, June 29, 2009

What's Up With The Weather?

It been rather hot the whole morning that you dread going out of the office and then right when you're about to go home, the rain pours heavily. Flu has been rampant nowadays with this unpredictable weather pattern.

As a child, my parents would advise me to go out and have some sunshine. But now, even adults wouldn't like to stay out long under the sun. The sun's heat pierces the skin and it burns. In the morning right after I have taken my bath, I am already sweating. I used to feel refreshed after showering but now it's different with this weather.

There's been a lot of talk about climate change and I believe that it's already happening right now. Some of the "experts" argue that it's just part of nature's cycle and not made by the pollution contributed by man and their machines.

I have a question though, could we still repair the damage done or are we just minimizing it's effects? I was wondering how we could repair the hole in our ozone layer that's been damaged. What are the end result of the environmentally-friendly activities being developed?

1 Comment:

Ria said...

Well, I guess we all have to pray really, really hard like we have never prayed before. Green-house effect is the work of Industrialization.


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