Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, My Orders Have Arrived

It's been more than a month since I ordered some videos. Eagerly waiting for it and now, they've finally arrived. These videos as TV series, Agatha Cristie's Poirot and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

I've always been a fan of detective series where the characters use their minds to capture the villains and that are intelligently written. Unlike the TV series nowadays were detectives look more like models rather than problem solvers. They also rely too much on machines to help them solve cases. Once the machines have identified the "substance", all they have to do is state the obvious.

I am a fan of the detective series Columbo, Monk, Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. They use more of their deductive abilities rather than merely relying on machines. And also, they look the part of detectives of the time period their series is set.

Now, I already have Columbo and Poirot in my collection. Although, the Poirot series is up to the 10th season since the series is still on-going. I have already ordered The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Maybe it will arrive next month.

With The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, my reason for having it is basically I am a fan of Indiana Jones since my father showed it to me as a child. I caught a glimpse of the series a long time ago while it was shown on ABC-5 but i didn't have the chance to see it's full run. Now, it's time to bring out the whip & fedora and relive the adventures of Indiana Jones.

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I've seen a movie of Young Indiana Jones, starred SEAN PATRICK FLANERY (The guy who played the freaky albino in the movie POWDER).

I guess it flopped, I prefer POWDER more. IMO


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