Friday, September 11, 2009

A Week of Comedy

This week, I again indulge myself in watching videos of several stand-up comedy routines. They were videos of the following comedians:

  • Ricky Gervais - Live : Politics
  • Bill Connolly - Live in New York
  • Lewis Black - Red, White & Screwed and Back in Broadway
  • Rex Navarette - Hella Pinoy
  • Bob Saget - Comedy Central Roast
I liked the performance of Ricky Gervais in his routine. It was funny and i could understand most of his subjects even with his British accent. I had difficultly before understanding British shows before because of their twang. I am used to hearing the American accent. This is the first time I watched his stand-up performance and I liked it a lot. I also liked his performance in the movie Ghost Town, one of my fave movies.

As for Bill Connolly, I had trouble understanding his routine because of his Scottish accent. I can only undertand a few segments when he speaks slowly but when he's on a roll, I get lost.

Lewis Black is one of the comedians I can identify with. His routines are usually delivered as rants and I liked them. I can see myself in his routine because I usually rant my observations at home or in the office. I tend to express views that are not usually said in public. By the way, they are not crude or obscene, they're just observations about people and society in general.

Rex Navarette is a Filipino comedian who's routines usually talk about Filipino customs and Filipinos living abroad. I can get most of his jokes but in "Hella Pinoy", his routine is not so refined. Maybe, he's better seen live.

I first heard of Bob Saget as a comedian in the documentary "Aristocrats". He was described as a comedian's comedian who's routine is usually composed of foul ideas. But of this video that I got, he was being roasted by his peers and he only got to speak for a few minutes. I'm still searching for a copy of his videos.


kenwooi said...

russel peters is one of the best i think.. =)

SJ said...

thanks for the highlights!

From me to you, suejean =)

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