Saturday, September 6, 2008

Killing Time / Wasting Energy

I'm in the office right now work. A few of us were required to work while the others are enjoying their weekends. Been here the whole morning and I think my work for the day just lasted about an hour. And now, I just killing time here just to finish the required 4 hours of work. Surfing the net, reading the news, blogging and updating some things in the internet.

This really deviates from the purpose of the company of energy conservation. This is the reason why they removed our half day work schedule every Saturday. Do you think it really works? First of all we still use quite a load of energy working here today even if there are only a few of us. The server should be turned on as well as our computers. And we all know that desktop computers an servers consume a lot of power. I can only say that the intention was noble even if it saves nothing. Or is this just riding the advocacy nowadays of Energy Conservation. This proposal in our office should have been studied and tested well before being implemented, not just for public relation purposes.



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