Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes Ma’am / Yes Sir

Watching the news today, one of hot topics is the appointment of Chavit Singson as a deputy National Security adviser. Before that, there was the issue of Ralph Recto and Tito Sotto's appointment. All are defeated senatorial candidates that were now appointed to the president's cabinet after losing the senatorial elections now that the moratorium for hiring of defeated candidates has expired.

I has always bothered me why are defeated senators are appointed to cabinet positions. Couldn’t the president find any other more qualified individual who can do the jobs entailed by those government offices? Does the qualified person have to be a member of the party of the president? Is it necessary that cabinet posts be given to politicians?

I have asked these questions because there are many individuals out there who are more qualified than the ones appointed. I have studied before in my management class that one must find the right personnel to do the job at hand. In my own opinion, the president is looking for “yes ma’am” individuals. Persons who “she owes or they owe her” type of individuals that agree and approve to whatever she says or plans to do.

I have seen individuals who were just hired for political accommodation. These individuals have no knowledge of the job appointed to them because they are not appropriate for the job, they were just for convenience. With this mindset of politicians, it would be difficult to change what is wrong with the government because the problem is not just in the executive level but also in the local level where there are many “politically-accommodated employees”.

I’m an optimistic pessimist. Although, I wouldn’t see any "correct" changes in the government in years to come, whatever the type of government may be, I’m still hoping that it will change. And it will start in us individuals be not tolerating it starting from the grassroots level.



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