Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Making the Ordinary, Best

This may be the land of equality
Where one is as good as the rest,
But I personally feel
That we ought to repeal
The law making Ordinary, Best.

Philip W. Kelleher

This somehow describes what I think about when I seen people describe something like new movies, music and other things released in the market nowadays. People always describe it as the best movie they've seen or could be the best action movie, most romantic. In other cases, they think it was their best thing ever made or written. What have we succumbed into? Have we lowered the standards for excellence we have set on what we like? Let’s face it, all of these things are just marketing strategies aimed to promote something. Those companies just came up with description just to sell something. I could understand it with the persons being paid to say something to promote a product because they just do it for the money. However, I have seen videos and articles written about what their impressions of several products, especially in movies saying something like “it’s the best ever” or something to that effect. Are they really saying the truth? Are they just obliged to say something nice or maybe they just want to be seen in front of a camera? Have we lost our ability to say something as it is? Let us set standards of quality are real and not something is just forced upon us to fit in. I think in those cases some of those people would just shut-up.



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