Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going to Makati Again

I think the decision to travel back to Makati City by the end of the month is as good as approved. It's the 2nd trip back to Luzon is as many months since I've been back to my old job. Last month, we were in Subic and Manila. I don't really know what I'll doing there but I have to prepare. The boss has chosen me as his do-it-all guy who has to keep up with him and all his ideas, as well as remember them. There could be many things to learn from that trip, I just have to keep listening and watch intently what my supervisors are doing. Just hoping that it would really be a learning experience, not just some tour because Manila for me is not appealing unless you have money to spare. And you can bet on it that I don't have any shopping money with on that trip.



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