Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frasier... I'm Listening

After work, I get home and watch at least 2-3 episodes of the comedy show Frasier. I got a copy of the complete 11 seasons which aired from 1993-2004. I first got acquainted with Frasier when I was watching reruns of Cheers on cable. I enjoyed that show too.

I love watching the show and found myself laughing all the time. The other family members in the house oftentimes doesn't understand why I laugh during the scenes from the show. Oftentimes, when they try to watch it, they don't understand what the characters are talking about. I guess one must have at least up to date with current events and history to understand some of what the characters are saying. Although there are times that I don't understand what they are talking about. It makes me do research on some of their topics to further understand the show.

And it didn't come as a surprise to me when MENSA named Frasier as one of the smartest television show ever created. The writers of the show didn't make the show too mainstream to be understood by all. They kept the show intelligent, as it should be. All the main characters are funny with Frasier and Niles portraying the snobbish elite, Martin and Roz as the everyday persons and Daphne as the out of this world thinker. Let us not forget Eddie, he became quite a character on the show.

I highly recommend watching Frasier to all. Not only will it make you laugh, you will also learn a bit or two about society.

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ramos said...

I have happy reminiscences of this show. There wasn't a large amount for teenagers to do growing up in darkest rural Kent, so we used to pile far too many of us into a small car and drive through the dark country lanes to a friend's parents' house on a Sunday evening in order to watch Frasier .


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