Saturday, January 17, 2009

Columbo Collection

At last after months of waiting, my order of the complete set of episodes of the TV show Columbo has finally arrived. I have already collected TV shows like X-Files, Monk, Frasier and this show is a welcome addition to my collection. The show is produced like a TV movie and shows less than 10 episodes per year. I don't know if it is still running today.

The unique part of the show is that, you will see the perpetrator of the crime at the very beginning of the show. You don't have to guess anymore and it isn't a surprise who it is anymore. As the show proceeds, we will go on a journey on how Columbo solves the mystery by way of his deductive skills. He just talks politely, questions & listen to your answers, and observes a lot. And also, he says that he is always puzzled.

My father introduced the show to me as a child because he likes shows that highlights detective skills rather than violence. Columbo is the 70s version of Sherlock Holmes because he uses his intellect rather than firepower. Presently, Monk similar to that of Columbo.

Columbo is portrayed by Peter Falk. I saw him in the movie "City of Angels" and show him basically as Columbo. I don't think he needs to act as Columbo because he is Columbo. His mannerisms have made him one of the most beloved characters ever created on TV

And now that i'm about to finish watching all the episodes of Frasier, Columbo would be next.

Hmmm..what will I collect next. M.A.S.H., Cheers, Peroit...



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