Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heavy Rains

It was a deluge today staring early morning and ending late in the afternoon. The strong rains caused heavy flooding in some parts of town. Our home was almost flooded because we live near a river. The river started to overflow and reached the streets and vehicles began to divert to other paths because the bridge and road are no longer visible due to knee deep waters with trees and coconuts flowing from the mountains.

At the office, there were fears for the status of their houses with people wondering about their leaky roofs or the rising rivers. Because of this, little work was done in the office. There were also several reports of damaged homes. We feared the worst when we received reports that this might last for days because of the tail-end of a typhoon, however, everyone sighed in relief when the rains stopped late this afternoon.

I just hope that nobody was hurt after kind of emergency.



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