Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pardon Me

Well, there are things that I have to get out of my chest. Something that I would want to ask pardon from you. I like you and still waiting a little of your time if ever you'll be free from your everyday commitments, to go out with me. When we see each other, I can't help but tremble inside because of what I feel for you. I'm not very vocal of how I feel for you in public because I want you to first hear what I say.

In this age of technology were text messaging is present, I won't take advantage of such an opportunity to express how I feel through a cellular phone. I may inquire some things from you through that medium but express my feelings for you.

My mind has already prepared a script a monologue but I don't known if they'll come out right should that day arrive.

Pardon me when I can't get along with the some of the jokes others play when you're around. Oftentimes, my silence is misinterpreted as seriousness and a boring lifestyle but I say that there are things I don't joke about especially with a person that I care for. In those times, you may see showing a crack of smile not in approval of such jokes but only for a sense of respect for another person's opinion.

These days I know I want to be with you, maybe see you play. I know we both walk with different crowds, I can't change that and I won't change that. Maybe, when those crowd disperse, you will spare me a moment.

Until the day would come that you could spare me a moment of your time, I'll just contend myself with the smile you show when we meet.

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