Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unsolicited Ideas in the Stillness of the Night

Ever sit alone at night thinking. I have.

The stillness of the night is the perfect time for these ideas to flood my mind. Ideas that would conjure up editions that would make you laugh, smirk, sad, bewildered, confused and an array of mixed emotions. Also, crazy ideas are rampant. Far-fetched, out of this world ideas that I wouldn't think about during the day.

Why does the night bring such ideas that could stir our emotions?

I think that the eerie silence of the night erases the barrier that we could use during the day to block out these thoughts. Block them out with music, work or people. But the night offers us the time to let it all out without fear of looking like a fool.

Sometimes, we laugh at a crazy idea that we just made. Doing such act in the middle would make people take a look at us and wonder.

But there are also times that these nightly thoughts brings us fear especially when it brings about the negative possibilities of the future. Grim results of the things we ever hoped for. The possibility of defeat, failure or loss. These ideas would keep us awake even until early dawn.

But why does our mind bring about such negative thoughts? Are we in control of such thoughts? Would it differ if you're an optimist or a pessimist?

I still have no clue about it.

All I know is that after the ideas come along, the questions will follow. And that will be another topic to think about.



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