Monday, January 12, 2009

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Have you waited for something without knowing if it will arrive or not? I have. There are two resulting odds on this question and one is greater than the other. We just don't know what odd will we have and that makes it suspenseful. Just like flipping a coin. Head or tails.

Waiting is often difficult to deal with and it tests your patience. And one begins to speculate on a lot of possibilities as time progresses. Sometimes, we wait even if we know that it's not coming. We lose our sense of reality when we are waiting for something that we truly want and need.

Although I have experienced the anguish of waiting, there are things in life that we have to wait for. letting them take their course rather than going at it immediately. Waiting creates a sense of anticipation for something possibly greater than what we expect. Something memorable, something worthwhile. A fantasy of sorts. A fantasy that will arrive or not.

The fact is that the answers that we want goes either way. The important thing is not that we get what we want, it is the readiness to accept whichever possibility goes our way.



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