Friday, February 27, 2009

Postponed yet again

We were supposed to go to a campsite in another and enjoy their facilities such as rappelling and zip-lines, however, it was indefinitely postponed due to the heavy rains and strong winds that our town is experiencing in the past three days. The weather is erratic. It would rain heavily for a couple of hours in the morning and after that a very humid weather.

I was kinda looking for that trip because it's that time again that I crave for some sort of adventure. Many people think that I am such a boring person because I live a quiet life but they don't realize that I am up for some adventure. I jump from high places to a pool or directly into the sea even if I'm afraid of heights or jump in the middle of the ocean and try to swim even if I'm not an adept swimmer. I like to try out adrenalin-pumping activities. I just hate the drinking of alcohol part that they do after or before that.

I don't need some chemical to motivate me to do something or to enjoy my life. I like a good conversation and a good meal, not some sort or filthy conversations that people do to make themselves noticed by their companions or mock other people. I do critique others, sometimes, even on a personal level but I don't exaggerate things just to malign them. I base my opinions on facts and experiences.

Well, I just hope that it goes through next month or made my friends and I can plan for some sort of vacation this summer.



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