Monday, February 2, 2009

What's Up with The Internet Connection

The internet at home is out again for the past five days. What's up with that? I'm paying my monthly bills regularly but there is no internet connection. The bad thing about it is that I will still be charged with the same fixed monthly payment even if there is no connection for a couple of days. Some say that it is due to change of PhilCom management which is now bought by PLDT. With the change of personnel, simple repairs are not readily remedied because there are no personnel available in our city. They must contact their main branch to get people to repair minor problems. I hope that their service will improve because it is hassling their many consumers.


Anonymous said...

It really sucks when you have paid and the connection is down
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Nancy said...

hello...hopping here. Why don't you just switch to other provider? It's really very annoying when you get interrupted. Hope you get your connection back soon!


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