Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Much Praise for Nothing

Have you ever been praised for something you're not? I have and I don't like it because deep inside I know that I'm not what they're praising me for. Even more degrading is the fact that the people who praised you are well-known rumor-mongers.

I have a problem with praises because oftentimes they are exaggerated. This is especially true when you're gossiping about someone and then the next is that they are comparing your abilities to theirs. I feel uncomfortable with this because when you dislike another, you would divulge something that would be detrimental to the character of that person you despised. And when you're praised in that round of gossiping is very awkward because you know that they're exaggerating things around you and the person you're talking about.

I am no stranger to gossiping because most of the time I try to know the truth about someone being gossiped. I first verify the information that I heard inconspicuously. I don't use these knowledge about the person. I just treat is as an information to be considered the next time I will be dealing with that person. As what we've been told often, "Knowledge is Power" and "Information is Key in Decision-Making", it is wise to have foreknowledge of something that you're about to deal with or do about.

Although praises are good for the ears, be wary with praises because they could affect your judgment if you hear them often especially when they're false.

Don't try to boost your ego at the expense of other people's lives.

1 Comment:

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Very well said. There are also people who are a bit two faced. One minute they gossip about you and the next minute it's "OH, I really admire you for..." and they're compliments are endless. tsk tsk...


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