Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Simple Things Are The Hardest to Do

I just watched a travel show titled Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern that features exotic delicacies from all over the worlds. Today's episode feature food from Japan. In one segment of the show, he featured a world-class sushi chef who was just awarded 3 Michelin Stars. The sushi chef's restaurant only seats 14 persona and each sushi is prepared by the chef in front of you one piece at a time. After sampling several sampling of the masterfully crafted sushi, the host commented that in Japan sushi is one of the easiest food to prepare but such is simple food is hardest to do. He then commented that when a food is simple, other factors come in like the relationship of the chef to his creation. Since, the sushi is prepared one at a time and served immediatley, each piece must be perfect because the customers will definetly notice undesirable taste immediately.

I pondered on his statement that simple things are hardest to do because I realized that in life there are things that are basically easy but we cannot easily perform. Just like a asking a woman out or saying sorry for a mistake that you've made. What makes them difficult to do is because there are several factors, that would come in first in your mind, that would make you hesitate. Things that are not necessarily involved in the process comes in and distorts your thoughts. The totality of the thing to do is now in question.

Are you sincere?
How bad do you want it?
Are you sure?
Why are you doing it?

Your character is now involved in the decision to do simple things. It is important to show the sincerity, the genuine act of doing it. You must first justify to yourself the action that you're going to do before doing it to the one it is intended for. It is foolish to try to justify to yourself something that you know is a lie because in living a lie, you wouldn't like to wake up for fear of the consequences of the truth

I don't know how to end this thought because there are still a lot of things swirling in my head about this topic. Maybe i'm just trying to complicate simple things or to some oversimplifying the thought process.

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thea said...

oooh! i love sushi!! But not too much! lol! so true! easiest food to do but it's really hard!! well kinda very tiring if you do it all by yourself. been there done that. lol ^^

and in real life, yeah! simple things are hardest to do.. but i think it's because of PRIDE that's why it is hard to do.. or maybe because they are SCARED and stuff.. so yeah.. ^^ sincerity is the best policy. lol. i guess. :)


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