Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Cellphone

I have just received my new cellphone. As with all postpaid accounts, every two years one gets a new cellphone. Although I'm in tune with the latest technology and gadgets, I am not a techie. People who just by the latest models of anything revolving around technology & gadgets. I see some who just have them for bragging rights. For them to say that they have the latest even though some of them don't know that much about the thing that they have. There are some who keeps looking for new applications and features in their cellphones even though they wouldn't use it that much. Although some people are excited about watching TV shows or videos in their cellphones, I am not one of them. It only stains my eyes and let's be frank about it, would you really want to watch something in those tiny screen in your cellphones. Come on, we are buying or dreaming of buying the latest plasma or wide screen television sets and yet some are ecstatic that their cellphones have TV capabilities. If ever these phone manufacturers invent a cellphone that projects video or images towards any surface, much like the projectors, then I would be one of the many people who buy them.

I'm pleased with my new cellphone because it has some features that I was looking for. One of the obstacles that I'll be facing now is to teach my fingers again on the operations of the new cellphone. My fingers almost had a cramp when I used it earlier to type in again my contacts. I have gotten so attuned with my old cellphone that I can even text without watching the screen. Old models have little fuzz regarding its use but the newer models and modeled upon personal computers which means that we get features that we wouldn't even use during the cellphone's life span.

I just think that technology should help make our lives easier and not complicate it further with details that we shouldn't be thinking about in the first place.


enhenyero said...

that's why mine is iPhone, lol

kasandria said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Clicked some ads for you.

Mara said...

I used to change my phone every time there's a new model coming out which means no phone lasted more than 6 months with me but since 2006 I had the same phone until 2008 and I only changed it cos it died of old age. LOL. And now, my phone's nearing one year and I have no plans of replacing it just yet.

My Blackberry is <3. :)


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