Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleep Mode at Work

It is Monday and for almost the whole day, it was raining. However, in the afternoon, there was heavy downpour and immediately the lights went out. For almost 4 hours, there was no electricity in the office.

What was I to do ion such a situation?

Well, most body started its sleep mode. The cool breeze was enough to entice me to sleep and the absence of electricity makes me want to go home and lie down in bed. The problem was that it was still one in the afternoon but may body was already in sleep mode. It was quite embarrassing to take naps in the middle of briefing and meetings when you superior is in front on you. It happened for most of the afternoon. I thought that maybe the loss of electricity would lessen the workload but my superior was still in his usual busy self going to other offices that were partially illuminated compared to our office. It was almost pitch black in our office because we have no windows.

Often work, I immediately went home and slept. Awoken only in time for dinner.

This weather is usually bad but if this happens on weekends, I would have loved to slept through it.



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