Sunday, July 12, 2009

In The Dark Ages

For a day and a half, it felt like we were living in the dark ages. Yesterday morning, the electricity went out and the water supply was cut off immediately after that. There were no notifications made or any warnings. Most of us didn't have any water stored.

In the afternoon, we learned from reports that the power supply was cut off because some rebel insurgents destroyed three power lines while they were fighting with the military forces.

Not having any water stored, we went to a nearby neighbor and fetched some water using the jetmatic pump. It's been years since I used one of these things and it came as a savior to us during this waterless day. We hauled water using the five gallon mineral water bottle. My brother and I made about 8 trips each back and forth to fill up the pails in our house that were to be used for bathing, washing and for the toilet. We were so exhausted carrying it because its been years since we did that. Way back in our elementary and high school days when water was still scarce and far from where we lived.

It was so hot most of the day that we bathed in sweat and had many shirt changes. Since there were no cold drinks available in our area, we went downtown and bought some iced refreshments and softdrinks in one of the few establishments with a generator. We ate halo-halo, mais con heilo and some s0ftdrinks. It was quite refreshing and I didn't mind that I have to spend that amount for such refreshing delights. On other days, I would've declined to purchase them because of the cost.

Luckily, the lights came back this evening and we don't have to haul water anymore tomorrow. I'm glad because my back is already aching.

I think that sometimes it is necessary that we lose some of the conveniences that we are used to having in order to remind us what is necessary in life. I wouldn't have had conversations with some of my neighbors earlier while fetching water if there was electricity. It brings us back to the basics. And it's good to be reminded.



I so hate dark ages. Kung magkakroon man ng dark ages. Sana tulog ako at umuulan. :)

Kwagoo said...

That's a very good reflection.

I dislike it when we don't have any electricity, but it does help our family bond better - not to mention, my siblings and I have to resort to other activities - which doesn't involve a television or a computer. :D

The Prince of Centraxis said...

Who are these 'insurgents'?


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