Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True Friend and True Love

A friend that you want to be with, every moment possible each and every day.
To share the joys and sorrows of life, and help them in any possible way.

A friend that can influence your day, with a little word that fills you with smiles.
A friend that can do all of this, even when separated by many miles.

Have you ever had a friend that outshines all the others?
A person so special to you, they rank up with sisters or brothers.

But a friend who is even more than that, in their own unique and special ways.
Because this person can make you feel good, even when your having "one of those days."

A friend who can touch your heart, with everything they do.
A friend that knows how you feel, even when you don't want them to.

Have you ever had a friend, who makes you start to feel.
That you may be more than friends, a feeling that is strong and real.

Have you ever had a friend, who has a special place within your heart.
One that you know you really love, in fact you've known it from the start.

A friend who you want to hug, a friend you want to hold.
A friend to keep warm with, when the both of you are cold.

A friend whose eyes enchant you, have you ever had a friend
That has magic in their smile.
A friend you want to kiss, and hold them for a while.

A friend whose touch excites, a friend who you want to spend all day with
And then look forward to the nights.

Have you ever fallen in love, with someone that is a friend?
A love so real and wonderful, a love that is a friend...

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Syempre naman. Sa Friendship namn lagi nagsisimula.


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