Sunday, July 5, 2009

Street Fighter IV has finally arrived on... PC

The game that I've been waiting for more than a year has finally arrived on PC. I was ecstatic when I find out that they were developing a new Street Fighter game. This was the game that I grew up with, starting with Street Fighter II in the old family computer, then in Sega Mega Drive and then in PS One.

After Street Fighter II, I was hooked with the EX version. I didn't have the chance to play Street Fighter III in the console because I couldn't afford to buy the newer consoles. Arcade machines are not for me because I have problems controlling the joysticks. It isn't the same for me without the gamepads, even if my fingers suffer from blisters after playing it for long hours.

I had just finished playing Street Fighter IV from my friends PC and it was awesome. It brought me back to the days of hadoken and shoryukens especially with my all-time favorite character Ryu. I just stuck my game with the basics because I can't do the SUPERs because of a cheap gamepad. It really hurts my fingers just to do a simple hadoken.

We've just unlocked a few characters and I hope soon that my friend will unlock all the other characters, especially the new ones. I'm more of a Versus kinda guy because I'm not good in fighting the Arcade Mode at higher difficulties.

I can't wait to play it again tomorrow if I have the time.

To all Street Fighter fans out there, prepare your fingers and get ready to FIGHT....

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Xie Bin said...

i played street fighter iv. it's GREAT! :D


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