Friday, July 3, 2009

Tomorrow Should Have Been My Rest Day

As with most employees, I look forward to a relaxing weekend were there is no paperwork do do in the office but, alas, I was informed today that I will be working tomorrow with my boss to do some unfinished work that was supposedly due this week.

I'm quite disappointed because during Saturday, I wake up late to recover some of my lost sleep during the past week. This is the time for me to sit back and relax and maybe watch a movie or two. But this is the life on an employee, you have to work when you're asked to during weekends.
Just suck it up and do my job even if I don't feel like it.



Buti na lang I got sick for a week. until now tamad pa ko pumasok sa ofis. Gud luck sa atin! hehe

Anonymous said...

that's too'll get the relaxation you need sooner or later.

goodluck with your work!

take care & God Bless!


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