Monday, August 3, 2009

I Shed Tears for Cory Aquino

Cory Aquino meant a lot to different people. She is regarded with so many wonderful adjectives befitting such a great person.

But for me, she was my President. She was the president when I was old enough to understand what a president was. I remember the days of my childhood when we would raise our hands and give the "Laban" sign. My friends and I didn't understand what it meant but we were proud of ourselves when we were doing it. I watched her on television and was beguiled by her calm, smiling and motherly demeanor.

She was my only President. Many have came along and tried to lead our country but they all meant nothing to me. As if they were just figureheads that I cared nothing for. Being an opinionated person, I have many criticism and praise for them but I will always judge them on how they measure up to Corazon Aquino.

She was truly a remarkable person that even her detractors and enemies respected her because of what she stands for. She will fight for what she believes in whether it was popular or not. She supports the people in their struggle for a better leadership and be the light we desperately need.

Oftentimes, we don't heed her calls because of our own daily struggle for survival. But for her, the self in less important to the needs of the country. She's the person who acts what she talks about. It's not mere publicity but genuine love for a country that needs change.

We'll definitely miss her especially in these times of uncertainty. The time when we doubt every move the government makes. The time when half-truths are presented as facts by our leaders. The time when the government is manipulating things and events for their own personal gains.

We'll miss the President who showed to us without a doubt what love for country truly is. Together with her husband Ninoy, they were the pillars of, not just democracy, but of genuine love and concern for fellowmen which they archived by conquering our hearts.

Goodbye, Cory. You'll be in our heart and our guiding star in the heavens.


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