Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Taste of ROYCE'

the opening of the Royce' Nama Chocolate for every0ne to enjoy after dinner

My first knowledge of this highly popular chocolate was through the blogs I visited. I was intrigued on the way described its taste. It sounds as if it is the bets chocolate they've ever tasted, almost addicting.

I researched about it in the internet and found several other blogs posting showing their admiration of this hard to find chocolate.

I wanted to find where to buy this chocolate and I was saddened to discover that it is only available in three stores that are all in Manila or in airports abroad as this was usually given as "pasalubong" from Japan.

Procuring it would be difficult since I'm from Mindanao and only rarely do I get the chance of going to Manila. Then suddenly I was informed that one of our companion in the vacation will be coming from Manila. So, I jumped on that chance and requested my friend to contact that person hoping that he will have time to buy it during his busy schedule. Luckily, he agreed and let him decide on which type and flavor to buy. The rest was history.

All of us got a taste of this delectable chocolate during our vacation and we all tasted it for the first time. It was delicious and you can taste the fine ingredients that were used to make this product. However, none of us were overwhelmed by it's taste. I expected a bit more because of it's expensive price tag.

A total of five types of Royce Chocolate was purchased: Nama Chocolate, Nutty Bar Chocolate. Coffee Bean Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts Chocolate and Pure Chocolate.

In the question if I'm going to buy Royce' chocolate again even with its expensive price tag. The answer would be YES. Will I buy it for myself? Probably not for me but it would be great for someone special.

It's too expensive for normal consumption but if you have extra money, you won't regret tasting it.

bon app├ętit



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