Monday, November 2, 2009

I Hate Being the Middle Man

I've always applied this in my life that when I want to get my message across somebody else, I'll talk to them myself. I've pretty much avoided using middlemen in all my personal dealings even in relationships. But the exception to this is when I'm at work. Oftentimes, I will talk to the person concerned whether they are high-raking officials or not. I doesn't bother me as long as I get my message across. Pretty much, I know how to play their game, you must be the humble one when trying to deal with them to make them appear that they are gracious for something that you ask for, even if it's not theirs. Ironically, we refer to it as respecting our elders even if there is nothing respectable about them.

And sometimes, I'm scolded by my superior because I don't delegate such things. For me it's not really about delegating something that I can do much better myself. And oftentimes, the message gets distorted when it passes through many channels. I want to hear the reply myself so that I can process and act on it quickly with minimal or no supervision at all.

This past few weeks, I became a middleman for my office and a certain organization. At first my supervisor approves what they are asking for but as the days goes by he has grown to dislike them because of their demands. And now, I'm in the middle of it all, they request something and my supervisor angrily declines it but it is I who has to talk to them. We tried to delegate this job to somebody else but they are still contacting me for all their requests. My job is to politely tell them what my supervisor is angrily ranting about. It's difficult to to this because I also have to try to have them believe that we are an accommodating and helpful office. But in reality, my supervisor is only accommodating to the ones he finds useful in the future.

I hate being the middleman because it is my job that a rift don't come across both organizations to maintain a semblance of camaraderie between the two. It doesn't help when one is so demanding and the other is disgruntled.

Pity me, because I still have to keep us this charade for a few more days.


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