Saturday, August 16, 2008

Difficult Sleep

Yesterday, my mother came to town for a seminar at the Marco Polo Hotel and she requested me if I could accompany her at her suite. I went last night and stayed in that hotel for the first time. The room was nice and I was wished that my room was that organized. However, I had difficulty sleeping even with the soft big pillows, soft mattress and cool surroundings. I keep turning and turning to find the right position to sleep, and I failed. My body was looking for something that it deemed comfortable to sleep at. I don’t mean that my bed at home is better than what they offer because it is not. It’s just, most of the time, we look for something that we are used experiencing and, oftentimes, we are not that comfortable in the change of surrounding. We need to time to adjust to this new feeling. How like life?

Well, I’m looking forward to sleep in my own bed tonight. As for now, I'll stick to what's uncomfortable yet familiar. And change is brewing ahead.


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