Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Still Hurts

As of today, my heart still hurts. It’s been more than a year since I failed to win your heart. First time I tried, you were busy. The second, you already had somebody else. It hurts so much. I tried to move on, and I did. I pretended that we’re just friends when we meet, acting as if nothing has happened. I stayed away from view because I’m not good at acting when you’re around.

As one song says, why does other person hurts the person you been longing for all of your life. It pains me to watch from afar, can’t do anything for you while you’re hurt. All I can do is look at you with my eyes that has adored you since the first time we’ve met. Or think and pray for you, and hope you’ve stopped crying. So close and yet so far, as another song would suggest.

Maybe now, you have found someone new after the heartache. Why does it still hurt after all these years knowing that I can’t have you and others can? Why do I subject myself to this emotional pain? Seeing you happy is just a consolation of not being with you but it won’t wipe away the pain. And the pain goes on and on....



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