Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Agitated Me

Lately, I'm quite agitated for reason I have yet to discover. Releasing my sentiments with no reservations even against the powerful. I tend to say what I want without hesitation especially my observation on my surroundings that makes a person like me abhor the dealing around me. The rebel in me is unleashed when I see wrong things being defended by people who are afraid of opposing the people in-charge because of possible retaliation.

I am one of the perceived individuals accommodated by the higher-ups. I am not one of them. It may look that way but I am not. I just came to work because it was offered to me and they believed that I can do the job assigned to me. Belief in my abilities is not one of my strong suits. I tend to doubt my abilities because of my fear of failing and being wrong. My doubts makes me cautious but also leads me nowhere. And that lack of confidence really bothers me.

1 Comment:

kingkay said...

aaaw, i feel the same...


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