Thursday, October 9, 2008

The So-Called "children of god"

Children of God, as I have been taught throughout my life, means all of us living on this earth. However, this past week, I learned a new meaning for this phrase. A sort of negative connotation of what basically is a religious word. The new meaning implies the “untouchable” bunch of employees who are, most of the time, exemption to the rules & regulations that were made & implemented by the management. It was told to me that they came up with this description in reference to the religious meaning that the Children of God are close to the heart of God, now they use it to as a reference to the people who would be first on the management’s list. It doesn’t matter if they whether they fit or not. Oftentimes, these “children of god” are accommodated individuals who they have known for a long time or people who have helped them before. They could also refer to the people who they pity and try to alleviate a little the life of these persons. However, this accommodation doesn’t come without a price; it requires blind loyalty and support to the causes advanced by the management.

Although, this is some type of charity for the management to look after their people, I have some problem with it because helping doesn’t anything in return. Help people for the sake of helping and not because of the expectation that they will serve you in the future. Is this how we serve people now? And why are these things tolerated and never questioned? It is because you don’t want to be seen in bad light by the management. But they would never admit this. Sad but true.



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