Monday, October 6, 2008

Same Old Answer

Have you ever known someone who has the same old answer to a question at different points in your life? Well, I know one who does. The problem is I like this one and for her, I’m just the one consults me when she has technical problems. No hi or hellos in any other day of the year. She could be likened to a common business impression that when you ask a Chinese businessman about his business, he will always say that it is losing.

Let me make myself clear first, the question I asked is not a romantic question whatsoever. I just asked her the same question today and she just replied the same old answer. This answer may be true sometime but not all the time. Or maybe, I just caught her with the same question at a wrong time so her answer is justified. I don’t think so. I have know her most of my life and the odds of me asking at the wrong time all the time is close to zero.

Today, I begin to wonder, is her answer just meant towards me. I don’t like to feel that I was “just accommodated” as something in someone else’s like especially from the people I consider as my friends and the people I like. Sooner or later, I will find the answer to my questions.

I have already expressed to her that I missed her before and she just treated it as a joke when she knows that I don’t play around and I have never lied to her. Maybe it is time to see if she will remember me somehow.



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