Friday, November 14, 2008

Burdening You, As Always

I was assigned to help complete a much delayed project and I found out how difficult it is to gather the necessary data due various reasons like unavailability, refusal to give or they just cannot deliver the correct data even if we beg them. Some of them are just to lazy to locate the data so they just say, "none available". Its seems odd to me because most of these data are collected every year and some are required submissions by individuals applying for permits and licenses. In my opinion, these data doesn't need some complicated programs with a database. Given the number of people who apply yearly, it could have been done through Excel format. Time and time again, these problems of data gathering is experienced but no method was introduced to solve this simple problem. Right now, the word to describe the government is "procrastination". They make simple things complicated. Other institutions make studies on how to do things properly and simply but that is not the style of the government. They make you wait and wait until you lose interest in asking them. As the with the GSIS, the common reply is "We Are Updating Our System" and mind you, this is their reply every year to hide their faults. Blaming the computer for the errors of individuals who doesn't care about the common employee. (Sigh) So many worthless systems that are still implemented.

Maybe some of these agencies should have these slogans:

"Burdening You, As Always"


"Making Your Life Harder
than It Should Be"



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