Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Cynicism Gets Ahead of Me

I'm a pessimist. I value loyalty and decency. There is no denying that I am critical of some people. Not because I want to destroy them but I know what they are because of the facts I have known. Oftentimes, the cynic in me just blurts out some that are hurtful even though they are try. I'm becoming too judgmental on the actions of others. Maybe, its the enviornment I am in now because before I was not too critical on others. I just hate it when evil is done in plain sight and no one says anything about it. It is not a farfetched idea to say that they are tolerated because I have already witnessed how they do actions with permission and order people to make their actions look legal.

I don't like being like this but I have to say something. I admire someone of their goodness and despise them of their faults. Not common faults but deliberate actions that affects the common good of people. Such actions make the people distrust their leaders but still end up sticking with them because manipulation.

I would have admired them for their ability and plans but I can't because their actions are just a facade of what they can gain from those plans. In the very end, they only do what can benefit them. And it is difficult to take that they are persecuting the good and rewarding their stooges.

I just hope I won't become to judgmental on these people that I will devoid them of goodness because if that happens I will no longer recognize you as an individual who deserves even a tiny respect.



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