Friday, December 19, 2008

On-going : Christmas Party

As of this moment, we are having our Christmas Party and just finished our dinner. A is currently held right now featuring two stand-up comedians.

I guess I'm not yet attuned to this kind of party here since it is almost three years when I attended this party. So, I decided to go up in our office and surf the internet & blog a little.

Also, I saw the woman that I liked and she looked gorgeous. But silly me, I stilll can't ask her out because my nerves are getting the best out of me. I really wanted to ask her personally rather than just through YM or texting. Oh, I really don't like this part of me. All I can do when she's around is say a few words and smile. Unlike before when we could talk anything under the sun. Now, when I see her, my heart wants to say that "I like her" but my mouth can't say those things.

Well, the only thing for a "torpe" to do was to stand next to her. Trying to muster enough courage to tell her what I feel but couldn't. I'm to discreet to tell her something in public. I hope by the year's end, I could at least ask her out.



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