Friday, January 2, 2009

I Have to be Optimistic

It's a new year and i have to be optimistic. I'm a self-confessed pessimist. I can always think of ways for things to go wrong in whatever I do. In the past, I would always defend that I was only thinking things through to avoid unexpected results. Thinking that way sucks the fun out of one's life. It diminish surprises in life. To be spontaneous is out of the question when you're a pessimist. Maybe deep inside, I was just afraid to fail again because of my past experiences. Being a pessimist let me cover hind inside a shell or defense mechanic I have created so that I can always say to myself when things don't go my way that it was expected.

But I have to change that mindset. I need to have a positive attitude even when things don't go my way. I have to experience events rather than recreate them in my mind. With the coming new year, I have to be on the positive side of things, to give things the benefit of a doubt, to be happy.



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