Monday, January 5, 2009

Take a Chance on Me

The past few days, the song that always pops in my head is "Take A Chance On Me" from ABBA. It came back to my head while watching Mamma Mia! months ago and now I can't get rid of it. I don't really think that the song fits my situation but the title does.

I know why it keeps popping in my head. It's because I'm trying to woo someone to want me. After examining myself and what I think she likes based on her lifestyle, I'm nowhere near her type. Just wishing that she'll notice me and maybe take a chance on me. Give a guy his chance to say his piece and let her decide.


Hazelicious929 said...

good luck with that! Why not talk to her and do something that will catch her attention

Ria said...

Take a chance! Speak up or forever hold your peace. Just be yourself because ladies don't like two-faced con-man ;) Good luck! Let us know how it goes....Go Dylan!!!


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