Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do You Take Me Seriously?

How would you know if a woman is considering you for a place in her heart? I've been bothered by this thought from day one. Do you take me seriously when I voice out my concerns for you or me wanting a moment of your time to express my feelings? A lot of questions that are yet to be answered. All I wanted was to know if I'm one of your choices. The end result that I want is not even considered yet.

I just don't want to be the person you think as a nuisance but can't express it to me for fear of losing someone. I'm just hoping for a hint of an answer to that question. I have to know. It was never an intention of mine to be thought of a bother to a person's life.

I would never force anyone to like me.

I want to be chosen, not just settled for.

If anyone of you know of any way for me to know this, your comments are welcome.



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