Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where Are You?

I've been looking for you. I want to know how you've been. Maybe a little message from do will suffice but you gave me none. Did you win or did you lose? I want to know.


thea said...

hmm.. i wonder who it is..

the song where are you quickly entered my mind when i read ur title post. lol

thea said...

aww so you feel like you're waiting for nothing? aww.. yeah it's really hard.. i know how you feel.. and sometimes you can't do anything but let go.. you can't for her forever.. i've been in the similar situation.. all i did was try to forget. well it's hard at first.. and i felt pain.. but it's part of it and I became a much stronger person now. i just put in mind that if its meant to be then it is, if it's not then it means there's someone much better for you.



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