Monday, March 9, 2009

I Am Not My Work

Working for a someone who isn't particularly liked by many is sometimes a burden to carry. People would often assume that you agree with everything that you're superior is doing. Even more so when you are good at the jobs assigned o to you. They would greet you mockingly on how you're superior is doing and wondering why you get along with them despite the different public opinion. Worse of all, they tend to see you as your superior which is for me a disrespectful thing to do.

I am just an employee who does what is required of me that is not illegal or immoral. I do what is assigned and do it well. It is not my problem if people see my supervisor at a different light. For me to be an asset to my superior and my efficiency in doing my job doesn't coincide with my personal opinions on him as a person. Personal opinions that need not be brought out in public because they are insignificant in the performance of my job.

Reacting to this sort of disparaging remarks is not acceptable in public because they could turn it against you even if you know that what they say is a mockery of what you are. Rants like this is not common in the workplace where people often have to put masks to hide their true opinions for fear of negative repercussions.

It is in the place like this that individuality is lost because you have to bend down to the will of the people who thought that they "fed you". That think that you always have to agree to them.

Please note that "I am not defined by the person I work for" because "I will not be defined by the limitations set upon me".

I choose to be me.



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